Boost Your Productivity and Mood With One Easy Step

With everything you do today, think about how you can mix it up a little.

That’s advice from Inc. contributing editor John Brandon, who asks, “What if you added some extra flair to that email, including an extra hashtag no one has ever used before (because you just invented it), or showed up to the meeting carrying a few boxes of cupcakes?”

Brandon explains that putting a twist on something doesn’t take much effort, and here’s what happens:

“For starters, it boosts your productivity. Doing the same thing over and over again leads to a slowdown in your work output. Shifting a little — maybe drinking cold coffee instead of hot or wearing something no one expects — changes how you view your job and gives you a big boost. …

New experiences, a new outlook, a new setting, some new clothes — they all contribute to a sense of excitement and happiness about your job because you are not endlessly sifting through emails or sitting in the same chair in the same status meeting all day. Happiness can be defined as seeing a slightly different perspective on the mundane that gives you more satisfaction and accepting that as a new reality.”

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