Big Marketing Ideas to Inspire Every Size Theater

When reporter Mathew Sweezey was researching his list of 103 Genuine Marketing Thought Leaders, he noticed a few things: “Every person on the list had a passion for marketing driving them to explore, push the bounds, and do what marketers do best: be creative.”

In this Convince & Convert article, he shares 12 big ideas from his list of passionate marketers that are changing the face of marketing. Read all 12 at Convince & Convert, and check out three highlights below:

“Be Genuine

Jay Baer dresses in his own style. Joe Pulizzi hosts Content Marketing World in his hometown of Cleveland. Cindy Gallop fights for equality for women in the advertising world. You will see genuine actions in each and every thought leader, and in their work as well. If your marketing isn’t genuine, there is no way it can ever be great.

Humor is Human

I met Tom Fishburn over email a few years ago after coming across his comic series for Kronos. Humor is not a new concept, but using humor to market things such as enterprise software or financial services very much is. The idea that your customers don’t have a sense of humor is false. Everyone laughs, and bringing someone joy should be a focus of all brands in all of their efforts. Humor is a great way to do this.

You Can Outsmart Your Colleagues, but Not the Consumer

David Ogilvy said, “The customer is your wife,” when referring to his disgust in how marketers talked down to their customers, whether it was with dishonest messaging, downplaying consumers’ intelligence, or trying to outsmart them with copy. Now that all marketing is one-to-one, you must treat each person as an individual and realize your mass marketing tactics do not work in one-to-one scenarios. You can’t out smart a customer with email copy, and you can’t make someone click by hiring a big name to put on your webinar. Customers are just as smart as you, and many times, smarter.”

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