Be Where the People Are (And the People Are on Mobile)

Back in the 20th century, when someone wanted a ticket, they visited a box office (or called a phone bank) between certain hours. People went to where the tickets were, because that was the only option. And not just for tickets, but just about everything — clothes, toys, books — required people to go to the products, instead of the other way around.

Of course, the internet changed all that, and made it easy to get just about anything from home. And now, thanks to smart phones, you can get anything anywhere and any time you want.

So what does that mean for those of us who sell things? It means we can’t rely on people to come to us. We’ve got to come to them — and that means going mobile.

Beyond convenience for your customers (which is no small thing), there’s another reason to make sure you’re mobile-friendly and working with ticket sellers who are optimized for mobile: Mind share.

This will shock nobody who has one, but people spend a lot of time on their smart phones. And most of that time is not spent “productively,” but rather idle time, break time, standing-in-line time. Being big on mobile means you can be someone’s entertainment, even when they’re not in your venue.

That’s why Goldstar aims to be useful and entertaining on mobile. We want our more than 1 million app users discovering events they’d like to go to, liking venues they want to hear more about, even writing and reading reviews of events — all of that makes for a good way to spend a few minutes.

Bottom line: If an organization is absent from mobile, people can’t fill their time with its content or buy tickets when it’s most convenient for them.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply create a mobile website or even develop an app. Because the mobile landscape is always changing, and while apps are hot now, they won’t be forever.

That’s why Goldstar’s goal isn’t to build a great app (although we have done that — on iOS and Android), but to be anywhere and everywhere live entertainment fans are. And it’s why we’ll continue developing our mobile presence, making it more entertaining and more seamless for our members, and why we’ll be using the tools that customers want in any given time.

In the future, it might be chat-based apps (very much a thing of the near future) or embedded apps. It may be a bucket of green goo you stick your hand into to connect to the internet.

Or we may have to build for the web, email, mobile web, iOS, Android, chat-bots, html AND the goo bucket all at the same time. Eight platforms instead of the five we build for now.

If so, game on.

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