Baseball Stadiums Prove Food Is Entertainment

Back in 2014, Jim declared that food is entertainment, and gave some advice for live entertainment organizations:

“Like the immersive stuff we’ve been talking about, food events done to [a high] degree of care and customer experience raise the stakes once again on what people expect from a traditional, seated, watch-the-show or -game type of event.

It would be a big mistake for you to put this kind of event in a different (and conveniently noncompetitive) category from your theater or sports team or concert hall, because to the consumer anything that entertains, delights or captivates them is where their attention and money will go.

Food is entertainment, more than ever, and that changes things throughout the industry.”

It would seem that baseball stadiums heard this message loud and clear and responded by presenting fun and inventive food and drink options for fans. Goldstar Pulse recently wrote about some of these offerings and shared expert food and beer pairings for hungry patrons. Click here to read the full article and see an example of one such pairing below:

The Ballpark: Miller Park in Milwaukee
The Bite: Pulled Pork Parfait
The Brew: New Glarus Spotted Cow
There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who’d judge others for eating something called a Pulled Pork Parfait, and those too busy chomping down on a Pulled Pork Parfait to care. This “savory parfait” features alternating layers of pulled pork, mashed potatoes and a sweet ‘n’ tangy barbecue sauce. And what pairs best with the Pulled Pork Parfait (other than an extra-strength antacid)? [Craft beer expert Sarah] Bennett’s pick is Spotted Cow, a microbrew by Wisconsin’s New Glarus Brewing Co., a tiny brewery with a massive cult following. “A naturally cloudy farmhouse ale, [Spotted Cow] is partway between a Belgian-style saison and the cream ale of your dreams. There’s nothing on draft at this ballpark that’s dark and smoky enough to truly match up to the meatiness of a scoop of pulled pork, but a light unfiltered old-world beer that’s only sold in the state of Wisconsin is a great replacement.”

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