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Promo of the Week: Walking With Dinosaurs — The Arena Spectacular

This is one way to catch people's attention: Have a dinosaur throw the first pitch out at a MLB game. The "Baby T" on the mound is from Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular, which appeared in November at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego.Your browser does not support iframes.Got a comment or question? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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#TBT: 2 Frame-Breaking Strategies for Theaters to Build Audiences Faster

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim. It’s about frame-breaking, which he's talked about before -- and it's important.2 Frame-Breaking Strategies for Theaters to Build Audiences FasterI have a couple of ideas that are what I consider frame-breakers. Here’s a little snippet from my earlier entry on the topic: “This is a worldwide time of frame-breaking. Almost nothing is too bold to be unacceptable now. Very few of the old norms will withstand the next few...

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Win-Win With Dynamic Pricing

In his post "Variable Versus Dynamic Pricing," Jim defined the two concepts and answered a few FAQs about each. He wrote: "Dynamic Pricing simply means prices that might change after the tickets are put on sale. Variable Pricing by contrast is not about prices changing, but about prices being different initially for different reasons.Can you do both at the same time? The answer is absolutely.Which is more important? My information from multiple sources tells me that variable pricing, including proper,...

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Aspen Live Preview With Conference Host Jim Lewi

Aspen Live 2014 kicks off today. Conference host Jim Lewi offers a preview of what to expect at this conference for professionals in the live entertainment industry, now in its 19th year. And if you’re there, when you see Wendi Lebow, VP of Venue Relations, be sure to grab a Goldstar sticker for our Half-Price Late-Night Happy Hour. We'll be sharing thoughts on the day’s activities and having a much-deserved nightcap on Friday from 10:00pm to 1:00am in the...

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One and Done … Not So Fast

In his post, Anybody Up for a New Golden Age? I’ve Got an Idea …, Jim asked why live entertainment doesn't create a “series” or a “franchise” more often — unlike movies and books, which “have learned that if you create something that can live beyond a single production, you can do very well and build a very large fan base.” He continued: So, why then is live entertainment basically one and done? If we love the premise, the setting,...

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Marketing Quote of the Week

Read More:Marketing Quote of the Week Marketing Quote of the Week Marketing Quote of the WeekGot a comment or question? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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And the 2014 National Nutcracker Award Nominees Are …

The Goldstar National Nutcracker Award competition has begun. More than 70 nominees across the country are competing for the "Nutty" (a statuette), which is awarded to the winning Nutcracker along with a cash prize for the company's education programs and the honor of being able to boast, "the best loved Nutcracker in the U.S." This is the only award honoring live performances of the holiday classic.How does a production win the Nutty? Goldstar members rate the Nutcracker-themed productions they attend...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Thomas Cott

You may not be familiar with Thomas Cott's face, but his emails might greet you just about every morning in your inbox: You've Cott Mail. Since 1998, as a side activity, Cott has been curating the free arts industry news service, for which he was named to the 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of a peer-nominated list of “The 50 Most Powerful and Influential People in the Nonprofit Arts in the U.S.”Over the past 30 years, Cott has held...

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Spotlight On

Spotlight On … The Pan Am Experience

In one of Jim's past posts, he wrote about Experience Design. "In other words, it’s not just the product (bed, food, show, whatever), but the entire experience around it that matters." Vintage Pan Am 747 Dining & Tour Experience lets you step into a golden age Pan Am 747 for a nostalgia-filled dining experience. Upon check-in at the gate, you'll be handed your '70s-style boarding pass before being invited into the Clipper Club, where you can take in an exhibit of...

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Customer Service

Goldstar User Review: “Makes You Call Those You Love to Tell Them”

In his post, "What Does a Ticket Really Get You?" Jim talked about how you benefit from going out more: "If you go see Warhorse or the NBA Finals, you’re making yourself into something slightly different. If you see something funny, you are funnier. If you see something smart, you’re smarter. If you see an amazing athletic contest, well, you’re not exactly more athletic, but you somehow feel you’ve taken on some of those qualities. A ticket to a great show or...

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