Should There Be a Digital Experience at Live Events?

This WQXR article reports that two Philadelphia institutions are trying to incorporate a digital experience into their concerts.A phone app called LiveNote created by the Philadelphia Orchestra allows you to follow a written tour of symphonic works during a performance. And Opera Philadelphia created a special Tweet zone at the Academy of Music.At TEDxBroadway 2014, Dexter Upshaw, digital media manager for Harlem’s Apollo Theater, shared his thoughts about digital innovation, keeping audiences connected and where we’re going next. You...

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Bright Ideas

Goldstar Feeds the Needy With 10th Annual Thanksgiving Appeal

In addition to Goldstar's mission of getting people out to live entertainment more often, once again this year we're trying to get more people a Thanksgiving dinner with our annual Thanksgiving Appeal 2014.Starting today, visit the event donation page to give to local food banks, homeless shelters and organizations, which help feed those in need this Thanksgiving in more than 20 U.S. cities from coast to coast.Last year, 153,791 people were fed -- and this year, we hope to...

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We Are the Best Imitators in the World. And That’s a Good Thing.

It's common for artists to want to be true originals with their work, but how often is that really the case? And do they really need to be? Jim has written on this topic of originality before. He wrote: "Half of Broadway’s content is from other sources, according to this article. And you know what? I don’t care! ... Hey, Shakespeare cribbed Ovid, Plutarch and folk tales from all over Europe, and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good...

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#TBT: The Story War

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim. It's about stories -- specifically, about the need to build great “stories” into our live entertainment.The Story WarI’m a storyteller. It’s true. Ask anyone who knows me, or particularly those who either work for me or live in my house. Just about every principle ends up accompanied by a story. Some of those stories are anecdotes I’ve either experienced or heard, and some are made up to illustrate...

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Spotlight On

Spotlight On … The Festival 2014

Here we are again discussing Food IS Entertainment. It's a topic that seems to be popping up in the news lately. People are turning their yearning for a taste for food and drink into fun and successful live entertainment.Like The Festival 2014, a beer festival focusing on "a bevy of international producers and American craft brewers seldom seen on the West Coast," according to this Los Angeles Times article. A large number of brew lovers showed up to Crafted...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Darren Bagert

It's a big night for two-time Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Darren Bagert. After a successful run at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center, Side Show opens on Broadway -- and Bagert is the lead producer. The exciting new reimagining of the 1997 Tony-nominated musical is based on the remarkable true story of the legendary Hilton twins as they rise from side-show attractions to celebrities of their day, and features music by Grammy-winning composer Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls) and direction by Academy Award...

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TEDxBroadway 2012: Barry Kahn Talks Dynamic Pricing (Video)

The CEO and founder of Qcue, Barry Kahn knows dynamic pricing. In 2012, he brought his expertise to TEDxBroadway to deliver a talk about what he does: Qcue's software provides guidance to professional sports teams, concert promoters and venue managers to set better up-front prices, and adjust to shifting demand, changes in market conditions and real-time sales data.His company's message is simple: 50% of tickets are never sold. 10% are resold for twice face value. It's time to price...

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Promo of the Week

Promo of the Week: Gentleman’s Guide Glams It Up for #SaveCafeEdison

While news was breaking about the beloved Broadway meeting spot Cafe Edison, the innovative team behind Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at SpotCo were already sketching out a plan to help.The team continues to find creative ways to insert the show in a bigger, broader conversation on social media. They also deserve kudos for their record-breaking speed. And we have to give them high marks for the clever ways they stay true to the show’s brand.Check out their...

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Series and Franchises Catching Fire on Stage, Too

In a May post, Jim wondered why live entertainment wasn't jumping on the bandwagon of creating a “series” or a “franchise” -- unlike movies and books, which "have learned that if you create something that can live beyond a single production, you can do very well and build a very large fan base." He continued: So, why then is live entertainment basically one and done? If we love the premise, the setting, the characters and the world created in a...

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Spotlight On

Spotlight On … Coffee Con, Inc.

In his post, Food IS Entertainment, Jim wrote: Years ago, I declared that food had become entertainment, but at that point it was still pretty crude. The occasional appearance by a celebrity chef, or a class on how to roll sushi, that kind of thing.We’re way past that now, and if you’re in the business of either producing or selling live entertainment, you need to pay attention to this. This past Saturday, about 1,000 coffee lovers poured into Mack Sennett Studios...

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