The Next Step After Immersive Theater

This idea goes beyond immersive theater like "Here Lies Love." Photo by: Joan Marcus

Beijing’s Omescape goes beyond immersive theater like “Here Lies Love” (pictured above). Photo by: Joan Marcus

This is a very strong idea. According to this Wall Street Journal article, people in China are enacting real-life versions of a popular type of Japanese online game known as Takagism. They’re locking themselves in converted bomb shelters, residential apartments and office complexes, and they must escape by solving riddles and brain teasers.

It takes the idea of immersive theater, like Sleep No More and Here Lies Love, and makes it not just immersive but participatory. Note that there is still a narrative structure, staging and there could be characters, but it makes the audience part of the story in a way that even something like Sleep does not.

Done small, this is pretty cool. Done large, it’s a gold mine and a potential live entertainment revolution.

Anybody interested in picking this up here in the United States? Like the Midnight Ghost Show, this is a freebie from me to you. If you want a concept on which to base an entrepreneurial career and live entertainment, you could do much worse than either of these two.

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