Aspen Live: Great Minds Spark Ideas in Great Outdoors

Photo courtesy of The Aspen Chamber Resort Association

Photo courtesy of The Aspen Chamber Resort Association

This week, I’m sadly missing the Goldstar holiday party, but there’s a pretty good reason.

I’m heading off to Aspen for a live music industry conference called Aspen Live. Created and run by Jim Lewi, this show has been going on for a couple of decades. I first went a few years ago, and what a first year at Aspen it was! Most of the conference happened in the lobby of the St. Regis, where the comfy furniture, easy access to the bar and roaring fireplace made it a fun, though strange, environment.

Anyway, with the help of Google’s Alex Faaborg, I’m talking about mobile technology. Specifically, I’m giving a presentation called “How Not to Suck at Mobile,” which is a retelling of Goldstar’s transition over the last couple of years from being more or less a bystander in the world of mobile to being, in my humble opinion, pretty darn good at it.

I don’t ski, so I’ll have to find some other way to keep myself occupied during the day … the conference doesn’t start until four in the afternoon, and it’s as much about the social side as it is the conference itself. It’s a great, welcoming, fun, boisterous group.

If you’re interested in hearing the details of what we’re talking about Bob Lefsetz usually gives some pretty detailed recaps in his emails.

I’ll post an update or two if I think of it. Follow me on twitter, where I’m @goldstarjim. I’m more likely to say shorter things there.

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