Are Your Videos Making You Lose Fans?

You’ve surely read experts say “video is the future” when it comes to social media marketing. And while that’s very likely true, not all video is created equal.

A bad video could do far more harm than help for your marketing efforts, but the important question is: What makes a video “bad”?

To answer that question, outlined five factors that can result in mediocre or downright terrible videos. You can read the full list here and see the most important tips below:

No. 1: “Death by the Committee”

“Keep your committee small. Also, make sure to not set an expectation that they are approving the entire video script. Instead, give them a short list of concepts to approve.”

No. 2: Telling the Whole Story

When telling a story, share one point at a time and move forward. You can always expand on that point in other videos.”

No. 3: Overusing Superlatives

“When we use amazing words over and over again, they have the amazing ability to lose their amazing meaning. What’s the amazing-freaking point?

Stop telling people that your company is amazing. Instead, start telling them stories and let them reach their own conclusion.”

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