Are your patrons looking for a scream?

In the live event industry, we talk a lot about how therapeutic the arts can be. Take music, dance, theater, almost any genre you can imagine, and you’ll find scientific studies showing the benefit it can have to our mental, emotional and physical health.

But here’s a live event genre you may not have imagined: screaming. Yes, screaming. On purpose. At no one. And it’s good for you.

In cities around the world, people are ducking into soundproof rooms or pressing their mouths against a “scream pot” and yelling away their stresses.

“We have visitors that come from far away just for the scream room,” a Cairo bookstore owner told CNN. “It’s more popular than our books.”

“[the store] has been trying to find different ways to innovate since it opened,” says CNN. “Besides a vast array of books, the capital’s bookstore also offers warm drinks and music lessons. But the scream room is, without a doubt, the store’s most popular feature.”

You may not be rushing out to install a scream room at your venue, but there’s inspiration to be found in this clever approach to feeding a need and luring in new patrons. Read more about it on The Guardian and CNN.

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