Are You Using the Web’s Most Popular Color?

Did you even know the web had a most popular color? Well … it’s blue.

“Blue is the color of Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Microsoft,, WordPress and Pandora … among others,” reports Caitlin Dewey for The Washington Post.

Dewey explains how blue became the it color: “Recently, the designer Paul Hebert began tracking the color palettes of the world’s largest websites … On the world’s 10 most popular websites, shades of blue and turquoise outnumber other colors by a factor of two … it was enough to prompt Wired to name blue the web’s ‘most popular color’ … ”

She also shares some of the reasons how we know people like blue best: “Repeat global surveys have found that blue is the most-preferred color among both men and women, more or less regardless of country. In labs and A/B tests alike, subjects associate the color with trustworthiness and dependability — which, may explain why blue is a fixture in many website’s ‘log-in’ and ‘buy’ buttons.”

You can read more about the web’s most popular color here, and take Dewey’s quiz to see if you can guess the website, based on the swatch of blue?

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