Are You Using All of Your Audience’s Senses?

In a clever new ad, insurance company Liberty Mutual modeled their print ad like a classic perfume ad, with a peel-back fragrance strip loaded with “new car smell.”

As AdWeek’s Gabriel Beltrone reports:

“’To engage with a consumer during this specific moment where they’re making a decision about their insurance would be very challenging, even if we put a large media spend behind it,’ says a statement from the agency about the campaign strategy. ‘So we used a print ad that would give people a Pavlovian response to catch car buyers at the moment that matters most.’

In other words, the marketer is hoping real-life new car smell ‘will trigger subconscious memories about the Liberty Mutual ad they previously saw.’”

It’s a clever idea, and reminded us of an earlier post by Jim, encouraging shows to use all five senses in their productions. Jim pointed out that scents and tastes can trigger memories and could be used to further transport audiences:

“All I have to do is get a whiff of a certain smell, and I’m transported back in time and place. That vaguely diesel smell that you get in a subway takes me back to the Boston T in 1986 almost instantly.”

Have you incorporated scents into your events? Tell us about it on on Jim’s Twitter or Selling Out Twitter.

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