Are You Reaching 2.6 Billion People?

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Right now, billions of people are online! That’s right — according to, “There are approximately 2.62 billion social media users online. This number is expected to rise to over 3 billion people by 2021.”

Most likely, you already use social media to boost your branding and marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or would like to learn more, writer Rolando Herrera shares six social media weapons to boost your business. We’ve highlighted two below:

“Encourage customers to leave reviews.

The power of online reviews is nonpareil for retail businesses desiring to build online credibility with their customers. As it turns out, 90 percent of consumers consult online reviews before visiting or making a purchase with a retail store. In addition, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations.

Since online reviews are a trusted and proven resource tool for consumers, you should focus on accumulating positive reviews for your business to inform prospective customers that your business is legitimate. Google and Facebook are the premier source of online reviews for consumers. Asking your customers to leave online reviews is practically the simplest and most direct way to accumulate online reviews.

If you have received a negative review, don’t get discouraged. It’s best to respond to negative reviews professionally by offering customers a service or a timely refund.

Post often.

Leveraging social media to improve your online presence ultimately relies on your consistency. For years, marketers have preached the doctrine of consistency as it relates to social media posting. Though, what is the optimal time to post on each social media network? In previous years, this was an intensely debated topic, but after some comprehensive research, the answer is now clear.

According to CoSchedule, here are the best times for posting on each individual social media network.

  • Facebook: Strive to post at least once a day between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
  • Twitter: It’s best to post 15 times per day on Twitter. Try to post at least every one to two hours for maximum effect.
  • Instagram: It’s recommended to post one to two times per day on Instagram. It’s optimal to create your first post around 8:00 to 9:00 am. You can create your second post in the afternoon at 2:00 pm.”

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