Are You Promoting a Show or Lifestyle?

Here’s the thing: For those of us who work in the live entertainment industry, going to a show isn’t just a one off — it’s a lifestyle. We know the value of an event, and we know what a role it plays in our own lives. I think we all wish that everybody valued a night at a show as much as we did.

So, we have to ask: As marketers, are you promoting a show or a lifestyle?

If you haven’t seen in yet, watch Very Ralph on HBO. It really is amazing how he built his brand not just on ties but, really, on lifestyle. Also, take a look at Ian Zelaya’s Adweek article about Stella Artois encouraging consumers to take a breather in its Valentine’s Day campaign.

Zelaya writes: “While European countries tend to offer better work-life balance than the U.S., Stella Artois wants Americans to know it’s OK to take more breaks from the daily hustle.”

And, yes, if you take a look around Goldstar, you’ll see we encourage people to “go out more.” After all, we really believe it’s a great lifestyle.

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