Are You on Pace for a Record Season?

You’ve probably already heard about Goldstar‘s Boost (from us!). It’s a self-service tool that puts your event into additional Goldstar emails, and bumps up your placement in emails to an audience of live entertainment fans, so you’ll see your impressions, reach and awareness grow. Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing news and updates.

We’re only halfway through January, and for many of Goldstar’s Organizers, it’s already shaping up to be a great year:

We’re on pace to see a record season, and Boost has been a big part of that success. By booking a season’s-worth of campaigns at once, we know we’re getting consistent, guaranteed exposure that helps sales and raises awareness for our shows. Boost is a surefire way to control our marketing on a platform we know and trust,” says Matt Schaefer, General Manager of Phoenix Theatre.

Phoenix Theatre’s method of booking a season’s worth in one go can have quite a few upsides:

You get consistent growth. When you use Boost consistently, your events can have a steady climb and will spend less time building momentum.

It’s less work for you. You can create your campaigns in one quick session and then take advantage of that extra awareness and reach coming in all year long.

You own your market. “Since Phoenix Theatre started booking a season’s-worth of Boost campaigns, there’s hardly an email they’re not in. They’re building constant awareness of their shows and staying top of mind in the Phoenix area,” says Elliot Steingart, Senior Director of Venue Relations at Goldstar.

You can take advantage of seasonal packages. When you create multiple campaigns or commit to Boost campaigns for a season or the year, Goldstar can offer special deals. Email for more details and to try it out for your events.

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