Are You Marketing With Pinterest? Here’s How to Get Started

Pinterest isn’t a social media giant like Facebook or Twitter (although it is expected to reach more than 47 million Americans in 2015), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a valuable part of your marketing plan.

If you haven’t really begun a Pinterest marketing plan or even if you have and want a little more guidance, these tips from Search Engine Journal can help you out. They’ve outlined four steps to get your Pinterest profile up and running:

Step 1: Set your profile page up correctly.
This means including a good quality profile photo (of yourself or your business logo), where you’re pinning from, your website url and links to your other social media handles. This way people can learn more about your organization when they stumble across you on Pinterest.

Also, in your summary, use keywords that are relevant for your organization (like the types of shows you produce, the city you’re in, etc.) so you show up in search terms.

Step 2: Pick the right boards.
You want to set up boards that are related to your business — the types of events you put on and the audiences you’re trying to reach. But keep in mind that these are the most popular topics on Pinterest, so if you can work them in organically you could gain more attention: food and drink, DIY, home decor, fashion, weddings, design.

Step 3: Make sure your pins lead back to your website.
When you upload a photo to Pinterest, make sure to do so directly from your website so you can include a link. Otherwise people won’t be able to easily get back to your site and see the events you offer.

Step 4: Get descriptive.
When you post an image on Pinterest, make sure to describe that image thoroughly. Not only does this provide context for people (and help them know what your organization is all about), but it also helps you show up in search results more often.

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