Are You Making Your Strength Pay Off?

In his post Don’t Throw Away Your One Strength, Jim used in-person retailers to make an important point to live entertainment marketers: You’ve got to make your strength pay off.

For stores, this one strength is the ability to see and try the actual product (and the ability to just go ahead and buy it right then and there).

According to Small Business Trends, retail customers still like to “get physical” when it comes to shopping despite the growth of mobile shopping technology.

"&," © 2008 Stephan Geyer, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.

“&,” © 2008 Stephan Geyer, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.

A few facts from the article:

• In a new study by TimeTrade Systems, The State of Retail 2015, 87 percent of consumers plan to shop in physical retail stores at least as often this year as they did in 2014.

• For millennials, the percentage is even higher. Ninety-two percent of them plan to shop in-store this year. That’s as often as they did last year, or more often.

• Even when a product they want is available online as well as in a nearby store, nearly two-thirds of respondents in The State of Retail 2015 survey would prefer to buy it in the store.

This is good news for in-person retailers. The main point of Jim’s above-mentioned post was to encourage live entertainment marketers to make their strengths pay off, too. He wrote:

Where are the points where you’re making less of your strengths than you could? It doesn’t even have to be bad. Just find the places where it’s underwhelming, and then make it better. If you’re not involved in the show itself, do this with the rest of the experience. If you’re involved with the show, think of it in terms of the show. If you’re involved in both, then look at it holistically.

Think about it now. Make it better, even when it’s not bad.

The live entertainment experience is about being great, not being pretty good. Let’s make sure we rise to that challenge.

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