Are You Committing Social Sabotage?

We already know how important connecting with our patrons (and prospective patrons) on social media is. But, according to kissmetrics, you could be committing social sabotage. Author Neil Patel highlights five reasons why people might not be engaging with your social posts — and how to fix it.

We’re featuring one of Patel’s self-sabotaging social media sins below, and you can read them all here.

Social sabotage: Forgetting to make room for new (older) users

All across the board, social media use is up among different age demographics and at its highest rate ever. …

One of the most rapidly emerging user groups is the retirement age adult. They’re also one of the least talked about groups in social media marketing.

Increasing at a rate up to as much as one new user every 8 seconds until 2030, ignoring this user group as part of your social media strategy is untenable.

… what do you need to know to add them as an integral part of your user base on social media? …

… busy images, moving GIFs, and anything else that can tax their cognitive load can be a crippling barrier to social engagement.

… Highly saturated and featuring more than one focal point, the use of visuals here could potentially stress older adult users.

It may also exclude users who experience red-green color vision deficiency, which includes 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.

Ensuring your social media is engaging requires keeping it accessible for every potential user group.

And with a population swiftly set to become 20% of the total United States population those user groups should include adults over the age of 65.”

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