Are You Avoiding These 3 Online Ad Pitfalls?

As web users, not many of us would call ourselves fans of online advertising. But as professionals with a product to sell, we know online ads can sometimes be a useful tool. In yesterday’s Marketing Bootcamp on Entrepreneur, Andrew Chapin offers three great tips for making online ads that aren’t a turnoff.

  1. Respect the consumer. “…viewers’ time is precious and must be respected,” says Chapin. Don’t place your ad in way that disrupts their experience. “Our own ad format enables users to browse and complete transactions within an ad. We don’t take people away from what they’re on the site to do.”
  2. Complement the experience. “Personalization is everything.” But beware of using retargeting to personalize ads, says Chapin. “Those ads rarely complement the user experience. They also come off as stalker-ish.”
  3. Consider the click experience. “After seeing an ad offering ’30 percent off,’ imagine how irked you’d be if clicking on it took you to a page several steps away from the sale,” says Chapin. “Jumping through hoops does little more than encourage people to click away.”

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