Are You a Discount Buyer?

207653596Stop before you answer. Think a second.

Because the answer is probably yes. And no.

You ARE a discount ticket buyer sometimes. Maybe it’s a show you don’t know much about. It sounds intriguing, but you’re not sure. A discount gets you over your hesitation and gets you saying ‘yes.’

But you’re also NOT a discount buyer. When you’re excited about a show or event, know that you definitely want to see it, the price is less important. After tens of millions of ticket sales, we at Goldstar can tell you for sure that once people get intrigued by an event, they love to pay more to get better seats. Just like you do. Just like I do.

Everybody is a discount ticket buyer sometimes. And everybody is a full-price buyer sometimes.

That’s why we built Know Your Row. It allows Goldstar supplier partners to sell discounts alongside full or near full-price tickets. For the Goldstar member, they get a choice: a higher priced, better seat and the ability to choose their location or a more discounted seat that could be anywhere in an entire section or area of the venue.

Our initial data tells us that when a show puts this to its full use, revenue increases 2 to 3 times. With no more promotion or marketing push, revenue goes way up.

Why? Because you’re giving more people an opportunity to say ‘yes.’ Think of it this way: We get a bunch of people interested in your event. Some of them will like the combination of seat quality and price that we have and some won’t. With Know Your Row, we expand that so that more of those people who are standing in front of our virtual box office with their wallets open … can say YES to buying tickets to your event.

It’s all about the yes …

If you want to participate, watch the video below to see how it works and how to get started. (You want to participate, trust me.)

You can also click here to sign up.

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