Are Audiences Ready to Return? Here’s What the Data Says …

If you missed it, Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy shared results of the first round of our ongoing consumer sentiment survey. We also chatted with virologist Vincent Racaniello and Broadway producer Arvind Ethan David about how and when venues can reopen. 

Watch the replay to see: 

  • 5:29 The Return Readiness Score for early May 
  • 10:30 The Looking Forward to Going Out Score 
  • 17:30 The difference between indoor and outdoor events 
  • 22:10 The real deal on face masks 
  • 28:00 The latest on testing and contact tracing 
  • 37:30 How we can keep the cast and crew safe 

Watch the Replay:

Finally, this conversation is continuing over on the Show Up! Facebook group. Join us to talk about what we can do in regards to testing, contact tracing and other musts to reopen venues. 

Please stay safe, and keep an eye on your inbox for details on our next expert chat.

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