Apple’s New Camera Tech: A Blessing or a Curse for Live Entertainment?

Have you heard about Apple’s latest patent? While it hasn’t been officially released, Variety writes that it would “reportedly allow venues to use an infrared beam to disable a mobile phone’s camera, preventing users from taking videos and photos.”

There are quite a few entertainers that support this idea, from Adele to Jack White and even Benedict Cumberbatch (who broke character during Hamlet to tell the audience to stop recording him). Some performers have already used a different version of this idea, like Dave Chapepelle, who teamed up with tech company Yondr on smartphone-locking pouches (you can read more about it here).

Curbing cell phone use is even popular among some fans. Goldstar’s etiquette survey found that 72% of people think it’s never OK to take photos or video during a show.

However, despite the appeal of a camera-free show, several studies have found that photos and video can actually enhance the live entertainment experience and help boost a show’s popularity.

What do you think? Would blocking photos and videos at shows improve the quality of the performance? Hurt the community aspect of live entertainment? Or not really change things at all? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook

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