Announcing Selling Out With Jim McCarthy Podcast

For years now, we’ve been sharing blog posts and interviews from the best in the business. But we wanted to go deeper, to have some real — and real fun — conversations with the people who make all our favorite live events happen. That’s why we’re launching Selling Out With Jim McCarthy podcast! 

Jim will be chatting with event producers, marketers, performers and others who are doing extraordinary things in this space. 

If you’re looking for insights to make your own events sell out, or just love hearing juicy behind-the-scenes stories, hit the links below to give the podcast a listen and let us know what you think! 

Episode 1: Broadway in the Age of Social Media With Jennifer Ashley Tepper 

Episode 2: Bringing an Artist’s Mindset to the Ticketing Industry With Eric Valley 

You can subscribe to Selling Out With Jim McCarthy podcast here.

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