And the (TEDxBroadway) Winners Are …

We just have to congratulate TEDxBroadway speakers Christine Jones, David Yazbek, Jordan Roth and Ken Davenport on their Tony wins this past weekend. We’re incredibly proud of them and the SIX other TEDxBroadway alums who were nominated for Tonys this year. To us, they are all winners.

See, each year we approach each speaker and ask them to pour their heart, soul, creativity, energy, fresh ideas and time into a talk that lasts not more than 18 minutes. They spend months and months thinking about what they are going to say in front of a lot of people, including their peers, mentors, colleagues and strangers. And, if that isn’t enough pressure, these talks are also video recorded to appear on the internet, where they’ll be watched by thousands of people — forever.

It’s their passion for their art, design, music and industry that drives them to agree to do this. It’s why they blow our minds at TEDxBroadway. It’s also why, while we’re thrilled for them, we’re not totally surprised to see them receive the highest accolades and awards there are. Because, what we learn very quickly from them when they say “yes” to doing a TEDxBroadway talk is that they want BROADWAY to win.

And, really, that’s why we do it.


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