And the Award for Best Campaign Goes to …

Photo Credit: Gavin Allanwood via Unsplash

Award show season is in full swing and so too are the campaigns. The Golden Globes just happened, but really, the first sign of the season begins with actual signs — as in billboards.

Every year, like clockwork, “For Your Consideration” billboards crop up all over Los Angeles in hopes of garnering the attention of the right people who could-might-maybe help bring home the hardware.

We have a better approach to campaigning for live events.

For your consideration, Boost:

  • Reach a targeted audience of people most likely to buy tickets — unlike those billboards reaching random commuters with no voting power.
  • Target the exact cities, dates and audiences you need.
  • Oh, and the best part, you don’t need a movie studio-sized budget to drive your campaign for your event.

Ready to give your event the “award show treatment”? You can create a Boost campaign right now on the Audience Marketing Platform. Want help creating a long-term plan? Just email We often provide great matching offers for package commitments.

Create a Boost Campaign.

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