An Unusual Pricing Idea: Pay-What-You-Want … After the Show

In his post How to Do Pay-What-You-Want Better, Jim shared an idea that uses a pay-what-you-want structure, but does it in a way that might be beneficial in the short and long term. He wrote: “Think of it as something like a reverse Kickstarter.” You can read more about the details of his idea here.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, a few theaters are trying unusual pricing schemes: pay what you wish … after the show. Their goals: to entice new audiences and build interest in Philadelphia theater.

“Theatre Horizon will begin testing the post-performance optional-payment model with Alex Timbers’ musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson — one night only, Aug. 4,” writes Stephan Salisbury.

“‘We say, no cost up front – come in and see our show,’ [Theatre Horizon general manager Molly] Braverman said. ‘You pay what you feel the show is worth. So there is no financial risk.’

Like Azuka [Theatre], Theatre Horizon is seeking to broaden and diversify its audience. And like Azuka, Theater Horizon has found that traditional ticket strategies, like selling season subscriptions, have increasingly limited impact, particularly with younger and less-affluent audiences.

‘We are working at getting new and diverse audiences into our space,’ she said. The new ticket strategy ‘is different and innovative.'”

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