An Unexpected Benefit of Theater

Let’s get physical! Or, how about we go to a show?

London Theatre reports: “A study has found that during theatre performances, theatregoers’ heart beats synchronise and beat at the same time, which has been shown to lead to people bonding more.”

This is just another reason why people should attend the theater — and events, in general.

You know the feeling … you’re in a crowd, overcome by the feeling of excitement by what’s on stage! The study found that not only did the audience’s heart beats respond to the show in unison but “that couples and friends continue to have synchronised heart beats during the interval of the show.”

Why is this so great?

“Research has shown that couples and highly effective teammates synchronise their heart beats in time with each other, which has been linked to team performance, trust, empathy and liking each other. It’s suggested that this unified response to live theatre can help break social differences and bring people together.”

The article also highlights that this same study shows “that going to the theatre can have the same effect on the body as half an hour of healthy cardio exercise.”

Pretty amazing!

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