A Show You Should Sleep Through?!

Generally it’s a bad thing when your audience falls asleep during a performance, right? But for a few new shows, that’s exactly what they’re after. Melena Ryzik at The New York Times reported on a new trend of theater and art showings that are pairing sleep with performance with spectacular results.

Ryzik spoke with our friend Randy Weiner (read about his stellar shows Sleep No More and Queen of the Night here), who said “he felt jealous when he heard about it. ‘Damn it, he said, ‘they beat me to the punch.’ He added: ‘How do you break people free of the sort of conscious mind that we’re all used to exploring in our to day-to-day life? That’s literally the goal of every art piece.’”

Do you think this will be a new trend in theater? Or just a fad?

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