A Pay-Per-Laugh Performance?

Back in August, Jim shared an innovative idea about pricing in How to Do Pay-What-You-Want Better. He wrote:

“But here’s an idea that uses a pay-what-you-want structure, but does it in a way that might be beneficial in the short and long term. Think of it as something like a reverse Kickstarter. In other words, the performance is happening no matter what, but it does have a “cost.” Now, this “cost” shouldn’t literally be the cost of one performance. It should be the value of it, as you define it inside your organization. What is it “worth”? This is a combination of what it will literally cost, plus whatever you’d like to generate on top of this.

In this structure, tickets would be “on sale” but free. To get the tickets, people would have to put down a credit card, which you would authorize (but not charge) $.01*. Now you’ve got a line of communication to them and a live card. Start an email and social media campaign to let people know what’s the goal of the performance. Each one of the personal communication items can have a link to their account on your system, which will enable them to pay you something. Then, as time goes on in the campaign, you can share with them how what they’re paying compares to what other people are paying.”

He continues his example, and you should read his entire post.

BBC News reported on another creative pricing idea: “a comedy club in Barcelona that’s experimenting with charging users per laugh, using facial-recognition technology to track how much they enjoyed the show.”

According to the article, “the comedy club has also launched a mobile app as a method of payment, as well as its first pay-per-laugh season ticket.”

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