A Key Factor in Selling Out: Finding Your Voice

Editor’s note: Finding the right language to describe your live event can often be as tricky as producing the event itself. To offer some guidance in the world of writing and content marketing, we’re featuring a series of interviews with Kristen Giordani, Goldstar‘s Vice President of Content and Merchandising. In this part, Kristen explains the importance of having a well-defined and clearly communicated voice, and shows us how she puts her philosophies into practice with Goldstar’s voice. 

Kristen Giordani

Goldstar’s Vice President of Content and Merchandising, Kristen Giordani

So just how important is it for organizations to have a cohesive and consistent brand?
So important. It shows that you know who you are as a company and that you know who your customers are as well. Having a well-defined and clearly communicated voice also helps everything you do fall into place. Nothing seems random if you’re true to your voice, and you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you need to churn out a piece of communication. It’s grounding.

“Voice” used to be something only media outlets thought about, but today, more than ever, this is something every brand and every company keeps top of mind. It’s how you can set yourself apart from the competition and really find a place in the hearts of consumers.

What is Goldstar’s voice like?
Our overall tone is upbeat, human and personable. We aim to balance a voice that’s fun and helpful every time we write about events, communicate via email with members and when we reach out to our supplier partners. The balance of fun and helpful shifts slightly depending on the type of communicating we’re doing. Our customer service team will always lean more to the helpful side, while the writing we do on social channels is quite the opposite — mostly fun with maybe a dash of helpful. We’re in the business of live entertainment, which is fun, lively and enjoyable, so it’s only natural that we’d want (and need) to write in a friendly, human and fun way.

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