A Guide to Better Understanding Your Audience

The survey results are in — and now, for the first time ever, Chorus America gives us a look at “what moves and motivates the people who attend choral music concerts.” And hopefully, these major findings will “help choruses create even more meaningful and engaging experiences for their communities,” writes the Chorus America staff.

We think these results can help all of us in live entertainment. Take a look below at a few of the findings, and then read the rest here:

“Audiences want more information about program design and the performing experience. 32% of audience members surveyed reported leaving the concert with either “a few” or “a lot” of questions – primarily about programming choices and the experiences of the singers performing. Audience members are more interested in “curatorial insight” than they are in biographical information about the ensemble, composer, or soloists.

Audiences who feel they have connected with others have powerful experiences. Audience members who experience Social Bridging (gaining exposure to the beliefs and customs of a group other than your own) or Social Bonding (building a network of people within your own group) are more likely to have memorable, satisfying experiences at choral concerts.

Involved audience members report higher levels of impact. The study measured forms of audience participation including singing along, clapping along, talking to a stranger, or dancing or moving to the music. Audience members who danced or moved to the music reported the highest levels of impact.”

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