A Good Time for Your Patrons to Buy? While They’re Out

What better time for your patrons to buy tickets to your event than when they’re out — having fun, thinking about the fun they’re having, and wanting more.

Online fashion brand Outdoor Voices is offering outdoor shopping experiences.

PSFK reports, “Athleisure retailer¬†Outdoor Voices created an innovative way to blend its brand message — to get people moving, outdoors and having fun — with its products, designing a pop-up experience that directed people to outdoor trail locations where they could view exclusive merchandise from the retailer in augmented reality via their mobile phones.”

While you’ve got your patrons’ attention, it’s a good time to get ’em coming back for more. You can do this by: making sure buying tickets on mobile is easy, having a table set up with people selling tickets to your future events, and providing promotional materials (posters, postcards, etc.) for your upcoming events.

Why not reach your patrons when they’re fully appreciating the value of your product?

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