A few takeaways from a stellar evening

Last night’s Jagged Little Pill live reunion concert on Stellar was the closest we’ve been to a Broadway show in 10 months. Like the rest of the global audience that tuned in, we were feeling all the feels.

A quick tour of social media during and after the show reinforced the trends we’ve seen since Stellar first went into beta back in August.

A livestream show sells your IRL show too.

In the show’s chat and on social media, viewers said they intended to see the show in person as soon as they can.

Your audience misses you.

That may sound obvious, but it’s true! Livestreaming keeps you connected with your audience and brings them joy.

Quality matters.

You’ve got to give audiences an excellent experience. The performance, staging, production values, and the viewing experience all matter. Whatever quality you put into your show, Stellar will bring it to your audience.

A reason to return.

Even if they’ve seen your show in person before, viewers have just been reminded why they want to go back.

Want to see what has all these people (and many more) tweeting their love and appreciation? You can still catch the show on-demand on Stellar for the next 24 hours!

​If like what you see here and want to learn more, chat with Stellar!

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