A Cultural Force That’s Bigger Than You Think, Revisited

Hakkasan Las Vegas: 7,000 capacity and bigger than the White House, states The Guardian.

Hakkasan Las Vegas: 7,000 capacity and bigger than the White House. Photo/Caption: The Guardian

Back in January on Selling Out, Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy stated, “The evolution and maturity of EDM (electronic dance music) as a cultural force is going to have a big impact on the world of the near future.”

Now, Alexis Petridis covers Las Vegas’ gamble with dance music in The Guardian.

Here are a few interesting excerpts from his article:

“If you were looking for evidence of how EDM has taken over America, and Las Vegas in particular, you wouldn’t necessarily need to go to Hakkasan. You could just drive from the airport to the strip and look at how many of the giant billboards now advertise not legendary singers or magicians or entertainers, but DJs: on the side of the MGM Grand Hotel, which houses Hakkasan, Tiësto’s face now takes up as much space as that of Vegas stalwart David Copperfield.”

“But revenue-wise, at this point, nightclubs and affiliates of the nightclubs generate significant amounts, more than the shows today.” –Angel Management Group CEO Neil Moffitt

” … it is perhaps worth noting that, a few years ago, Tiësto was told that no dance DJ would ever hold a residency in a Las Vegas club.” [Tiësto is now one of the resident DJs at the world’s biggest EDM club, Hakkasan Las Vegas.]

Jim had it right: We should make a point of paying attention to EDM. Read Petridis’ entire article for some reasons why.


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