A Crazy Arts Marketing Idea: Focus on What You’re Selling

Marketing doesn’t have to be sleazy. That’s the message behind Stefanie Flaxman’s recent post on Copyblogger. Flaxman writes that if you believe in your product/show/event, then you should make sure it has the great marketing strategy it deserves.

It’s a similar message Jim shared in his pair of posts: You Are Your Marketing, Part I and II. He writes:

“Being your own marketing goes a lot deeper than just designing a cool product, service, show or whatever. It’s about building your whole operation to support that which is cool and interesting about what you do. It’s about commitment to something special. And it’s the enemy of mediocrity.”

In her post, Flaxman includes real-world examples of marketing that highlights the strengths of its products. See our fave below and then check out the rest:

“1. Go-to wine

Years ago (I’m taking it back again), I was in the checkout line at the grocery store and the woman behind me was buying a bottle of Yellow Tail wine.

Even though I knew nothing about wine, I liked Yellow Tail and frequently brought it as a gift to parties.

Feeling chatty, I said to her, “That’s a good brand of wine.”

Photo by Matthieu Joannon via Unsplash

“Oh? I’ve never had it before,” she replied.

“The bottle stands out. It’s my go-to,” I informed her.

A few months later, I started seeing commercials for Yellow Tail wine on television, dubbing the brand “the go-to.”

Coincidence? Was the woman a copywriter for the company’s advertising agency?

We’ll never know. But I thought the campaign was a great way to communicate that the brand was fun, playful, and a good fit for any casual occasion.”

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