8 Marketing Blunders You’ll Be Glad Your Venue Didn’t Make

Normally, we’d encourage you to get inspired by great marketing campaigns (like these), but sometimes it’s fun to look at ideas that didn’t work (and be glad you weren’t the one who came up with them).

Recently, HubSpot’s Amanda Sibley put together a list of the 8 huge marketing mistakes. You can read the full list here, and check out our pick for the most cringe-worthy below:

“1) Guerilla Marketing Without Due Diligence

In 2007, Cartoon Network launched a guerrilla marketing campaign in which it set up LED signs in various places throughout cities to promote one of their cartoons.

A resident in Boston, however, thought the devices were bombs and called the police. This turned into a terrorism scare, resulting in the shut-down of many public transportation lines, bridges, and roads.

The problem cost the head of Cartoon Network his job, and the broadcasting company $2 million in compensation for the emergency response team.

This campaign is a symptom of thinking in a silo — marketers must always be aware of current events and public sentiment when crafting campaigns. Most people, particularly city dwellers, are on high alert for signs of something fishy. I guess you can say hindsight is 20/20, but large-scale guerrilla marketing campaigns of this nature should really consider all possible outcomes before launch.”

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