7 Design Lessons That’ll Help Your Events Sell

As Jim has mentioned before, awareness is the biggest hurdle live events face. (After all, if people don’t know about your event, how can they buy tickets?)

It can be hard to stand out, especially on the internet, but having an eye catching image and design can help. To that end, check out these tips from WordStream. Their in-house designer shared 7 tips to help your designs. You can see the full list here, and check out our 3 favorite tips below:

“1. It’s not about the colors, it’s about the contrast … So how do you take advantage of contrast in your ads? The easiest way to find opposite colors is to revisit our old friend, the color wheel.

Find the most dominant color in your ad, and move to the exact opposite end of the color wheel to find your contrasting color. Need some help creating color schemes for your ads? There are tons of excellent free color palette tools out there, but some of my favorites are Canva’s Color Palettes and  Adobe Color, which lets you select a complementary (a.k.a., opposite) color scheme.” 

“2. Keep it simple … Communicating your message in the simplest, cleanest way is critical for successful ad creative. After all, only 9% of display ads are viewed for more than one second, and that shrinks down to a measly 4% for over two seconds. If a prospect can’t immediately understand your ad, they’re not going to click, let alone remember who you are.” 

“4. Copy and design = BFFs … I’ve learned that it’s important to develop copy and design in tandem when planning an ad campaign.

Too many words will not only make a banner feel cluttered, but they will also make it much harder to effectively communicate your value prop. Less is definitely more when it comes to display ad copy.” 

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