6 Steps to Make Your Call to Action Stand Out

It’s a difficult question to answer in absolute terms, writes Jack Simpson for Econsultancy, but “there are a number of call to action best practice elements that have been shown to increase the chances of success.”

With these elements in mind — size, color, wording, contrast with the rest of the page, position and urgency — Simpson highlights 10 brilliant examples of calls to action here. And we’ve selected a few to feature below:

1. Manpacks: Even though there’s quite a lot going on in the background, the ‘Get Started’ button clearly stands out. And social proof has been put to good use here with a message asking visitors to ‘join 1000’s of men already signed up,’ along with a list of well-known company logos below.


2. GoTo Meeting: Great use of color here. A bright orange is always going to stand out but without the negative connotations of red. GoTo Meeting has opted for a slightly stronger shade than on its logo, so the button stands out more but still looks like it fits with the rest of the branding. The positioning is also spot on, with the button right in the middle of the page so your eyes are naturally drawn to it.

GoTo_meeting3. Siracha2Go: This call to action is placed below a number of customer reviews. Social proof can be really effective in swaying people’s buying decisions, so it is a clever move to have a clear call to action button just below this section.

Siracha2goHave you seen an effective call to action lately? Share it with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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