5 Ways SEO Is Changing in 2017

As readers of this blog know, SEO is constantly changing. It can be a little tough to keep up with sometimes, but the benefits (i.e. more people finding your events) are worth it.

To help get a jump on your 2017 SEO strategy, check out this advice from Builtvisible writer Daniel Butler. He outlines a few ways SEO will change in the coming year and what you can do to make sure your site stays optimized. You can read the full article here and see our favorite tips below:

The Challenge: “Cracking down on intrusive interstitials

The only Google update to have so far been confirmed for January is a move to potentially penalise sites for the use of intrusive interstitials. The update pencilled for January 10th — although relevant to desktop as much as mobile — is likely the first of many mobile-first oriented updates we’ll be seeing this year.

Google classifies the following examples as ‘intrusive’:

intrusive interstitial

While this would be deemed acceptable:

acceptable interstitial

Challenge: Entering the mobile first era
On the subject of mobile, Google has yet to announce the release date for their mobile first index but it is coming — and soon. Optimising for mobile has never been more of an urgent requirement, so be prepared.”

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