5 Old SEO Tactics You Should Stop Using ASAP

As you probably know, SEO is an ever-evolving science (or maybe it’s more of an art?), and what was effective yesterday may in fact hurt you today.

Goldstar’s SEO expert Anthony Ferrara has already outlined a few resources that can help you keep tabs on the latest SEO updates (check them out here), but a recent article from Search Engine Journal can also help.

Writer Stoney G deGeyter outlined five SEO tactics that used to work — but aren’t worth the effort today, and will in fact do more harm than good. They are:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.38.07 PM1. Keyword-focused pages

2. Link buying

3. Anchor text optimization

4. Link sculpting

5. Thin content

You can read the full article here to gain more insight on why these tactics are no longer effective and what you can do instead to help your organization’s site rank in search results.

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