5 New Facebook Features You Should Be Using

Does it feel like every time you get a handle on social media, it changes? We definitely feel you. But to help, we’ve got a list of new Facebook features — and tips to get the most out of them — from Social Media Examiner. Click here for the full list, or check out these three must-trys below:

1. Create Facebook ads with multiple images and offerings.
Now instead of one ad touting one show or event, you can create a carousel of images — a great way to showcase your season of productions and let audiences find which shows they’re most interested in.

2. Add a featured video
If you want to show off the trailer for your latest show or some behind the scenes rehearsal footage, you can now set up a featured video on your page (that won’t get bumped down by other posts).

3. Customize who sees your ads even more.
Facebook already let’s you hone in on a target audience with their ads, but now you can also target people who have visited your site but not bought, or people who have or haven’t visited other websites. This could be a great way to remind interested parties to buy tickets, or get attention for different markets.

Will you be trying any of these new Facebook features?

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