4 Items Your Customers Care About When Buying Tickets

Editor’s note: Finding the right language to describe your live event can often be as tricky as producing the event itself. To offer some guidance in the world of writing and content marketing, we’re featuring a series of interviews with Kristen Giordani, Goldstar‘s Vice President of Content and Merchandising (read part one here). In this part, Kristen outlines what Goldstar members value when it comes to live entertainment and answers the question: What types of information do Goldstar members care about the most when considering attending an event? 

We do a lot of A/B testing in our emails and on the site to determine the answer to this very question. We’ve found the most important elements to get members interested in finding out more about an event are (in order of priority):

1. The event headline and image. These are the first pieces of info our members get about an event. They have the power to either hook the member into wanting to read/see more or disinterest them. If the event has a really graphic, compelling, interesting image to represent the event, it’s likely to get initial interest. And if we’ve done our job at capturing the key selling points of an event in the headline, it’s also a great way to attract members.

2. Venue. Where an event takes place is important. It sets expectations for the overall caliber and style of the event and also tells people how far they’ll need to travel. If you live in a place like L.A., you know travel distance and time are crucial.

3. Price. While our members aren’t necessarily looking for a really low price on a ticket, we do know that price factors into their interest level for an event. It lets them know if this is something they can generally afford to do. They are price aware.

4. Dates. The more dates we have for a particular event, the more opportunities our members have to go. Dates are what tell them if they can even consider buying.

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