3 Things We Should Never Forget

The Story of Telling blog writes about the distinction between a customers’ wants and needs:

“Our hunger is satisfied when we eat the meal we ordered, but we enjoy the food more when the service exceeds our expectations. … It’s possible to meet needs and wants in every interaction.”

Jim wrote about making people want what we sell (a ticket to a show or event) in We’re Selling a Drug. The Recreational Kind:

“What we sell is more like wine. So how do you sell wine and how do we use that to sell tickets?

Since our drug isn’t really physically addictive, reality sets in. Practicality rules. Our customers, intrigued and romanced though they may be, experience barriers to buying.

There are three things none of us in the business should ever forget:

  • We’re not selling a painkiller or a vitamin. We’re selling a recreational drug.
  • Customers have to fall in love with the product first.
  • Love is not enough. We have to help them overcome the barriers reality creates, and this is a non-stop effort.

As Jim explains, people don’t need what we sell, but they do want it. So it’s even more important for us to exceed their expectations every chance we can — from the ticket-buying experience to the customer service at the venue and, of course, the event itself.

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