3 Easy SEO Changes You Can Make Today

Editor’s Note: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a topic that we get a lot of questions about, and it admittedly can be a bit confusing for beginners. To help, we spoke with Goldstar’s SEO director Anthony Ferrara and asked him to outline three areas that live entertainment marketers should examine in order to optimize their websites. These small SEO tweaks should help increase traffic and spread the word on your events. 

No. 1: Identify and fix technical SEO problems that are hurting your rankings.
This can be done with free tools such as Bing and Google Webmaster Tools, or ScreamingFrog, a site crawler that will analyze up to 100 pages at no cost. Finding and fixing these issues can have an immediate impact. Look for issues such as:

  • Broken internal and external links
  • Duplicate title and description tags
  • Broken (404) pages
  • Slow-loading web pages

No. 2: See which pages are bringing you traffic.
Use Google Webmaster Tools Search Traffic report to see which landing pages are getting search traffic, which keywords are driving traffic to them, and the page rankings.

If you see that certain pages aren’t getting rankings or traffic, try including relevant target keywords in the text on the page and make sure those pages are linked to from other pages on the site to ensure that search engines can find them.

No. 3: Look at your mobile traffic.
Mobile traffic performance can have a significant SEO impact (it’s also important to your customers, as Jim has pointed out before). Analyze your mobile and desktop traffic using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. If you’re getting a high percentage of mobile traffic, and that traffic has high bounce rates or the landing pages are not mobile-friendly, it can hurt your overall site rankings.

Google Webmaster Tools has a Mobile Visibility report that can help you identify potential problems. As more traffic shifts from desktop to mobile, it’s important to provide a good user experience to your mobile visitors, because a bad experience can affect SEO.

And a bonus tip …
One important non-website tactic is to increase your social media presence, as social activity can help improve search rankings. Focus on getting more social followers and give them engaging content that they will want to endorse or share.

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