3 Ad Copywriting Tips to Steal

If you’re using Google AdWords or another advertising platform to get the word out about your show, the copy you write is crucial. Standing out in a sea of banner and sidebar ads isn’t easy, but luckily the folks at WordStream.com have shared some tips on writing ad copy.

Click here to see all eight, and check out three especially important ones below:

1. “Mirror the User’s Objective

Nobody clicks on an ad because they think, “Wow, what a cool ad.” They click ads because they want to accomplish something and solve a problem. To this end, one of the most effective copywriting strategies at your disposal is to mirror the user’s goal in your ad copy.

When you sit down to write your ads, think of the user and what they want to accomplish – then phrase your ads in a way that directly appeals to this desire.

Best PPC ad copywriting advice ever mirror user intent

This example for the search query “sell your car” demonstrates this principle very well, and all three of these ads have strong points.

2. Preemptively Respond to Common Objections

Even if you’re operating in a crowded market with many competitors, oftentimes the choice between you and a competing business will come down to one of two objections – how much it’ll cost, and how much hassle it will be. Fortunately, you can preempt both of these common obstacles with a little forethought and some smart copy.

Take a look at this example ad for the search query “home insurance”:

Best PPC ad copywriting advice ever preempt objections

Obviously there are dozens of very large companies offering home insurance, and so differentiating yourself in this particular market could be pretty tricky. However, Liberty Mutual has done a pretty good job of making this ad compelling. Note that the very first word in the headline – an adjective – is “Affordable”, which helps overcome prospects’ fear of being gouged for insurance. Read a little further and you’ll notice that they provide a highly specific estimate (see tip #2) of how long it will take prospects to get their free online quote.

3. Focus on the Benefits

Nobody cares about why your company is supposedly awesome. They only care about how you can make their lives easier.”

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