22 Secrets to Selling Tickets on Twitter

Do you ever feel like your messages on Twitter get lost in the crowd? Given the sheer volume of tweets shared in a day it’s not surprising. However, there are ways you can stand out. Inc.com writer John Brandon has shared 22 secrets from a variety of social media experts that will help you sell more tickets on Twitter and get the word out about your shows.

“Instead of just posting tweets all about your business, follow the 80/20 rule. Make sure 80% of what you share provides value to your followers, such as an interesting news article about your industry, helpful tips and tricks or a fascinating infographic. Then, for the remaining 20%, feel free to promote your company.” – Emily Sidley, Senior Director of Publicity, Three Girls Media

“Scatter your best performing tweets. The chances that someone will read your tweet at the exact moment you post it are fairly low, so take your best (or most important) content and schedule it out multiple times over several days. This increases visibility for your best tweets and is a better method than choosing specific times a day to post.” – Simon Tam, Marketing Director, Oregon Environmental Council

“Don’t be afraid to recycle old tweets. Only about 1-4% of your followers even see each tweet, let alone engage with it. If you want more followers to see more of your content, try retweeting things at different times of the day and rephrasing them if necessary.” – Austin Miller, Head of Content Marketing, Bookly.co and Editor in Chief, Pop Ramen News

“Lists allow you to follow far more people in an organized way. Instead of having a ratatouille of various industry information, personal status updates and cat pictures, utilize categorized, curated news feeds created by yourself or others (Hint: You can subscribe to other Twitter users’ lists) to stay in the know on the specific topics and profiles you care about in the moment.” – Halie Noble, Marketing Manager, CodeCraft School of Technology

“Include an image in every tweet. No excuses.” – Sarah Mitus, Digital Strategist, InkHouse Media + Marketing

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