TEDxBroadway Seeks New Voices for 2020 Event

Each year, we spend thousands of hours collectively searching for interesting and unique speakers for TEDxBroadway. And, each year some of the speakers come by way of the New Voices program, which is now accepting online submissions. While we have a substantial network with which to work, we also wanted a way to welcome speakers with extraordinary ideas who might not be on our radar screen -- so their voices could be heard, too. And, you know what? People want to speak. Thousands of submissions have poured in online...

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Theaters Rethink Their Culture

We've written about theater etiquette here on Selling Out (You can see people’s biggest theater etiquette pet peeve here). It's something we all think about as people who market (and attend) live events. Last year, we covered what are known as relaxed performances, which don't frown as much on late arrivals, noise or movement. In his Guardian article, David Jays examines the rise of relaxed spaces where anything goes. Jays quotes performer and activist Jess Thom, who has Tourette syndrome: “These spaces can...

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Top Broadway Shows by Revenue Per Seat — Week of March 1

Here are the top Broadway shows last week, ranked by Revenue Per Seat – the one and only metric marketers should use to determine the success of their efforts. Why? Average Ticket Price doesn’t tell the whole story when empty seats are NOT factored into the equation. To determine RPS, we divided the grosses by venue capacities. Highlighting RPS demonstrates a different and more interesting story about which shows can bring in value per seat versus simply being big, because...

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Celebrations Give Your Patrons a Reason to Go

A few years ago, we covered the Pokémon Go craze. We highlighted how businesses could get in on the excitement and five lessons for content strategy that the game could teach you. We've just learned, according to Shannon Liao at CNN Business, that Pokémon throws a celebration every year. February 27, 2020, was the annual celebration. Liao writes, "The company held various online events ... to engage with fans. One of them included asking fans to vote for their favorite creature...

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