#TBT: 3 Ways You’re Wrong About Live Entertainment, Part I

Happy #TBT! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: 3 Ways You’re Wrong About Live Entertainment, Part I. [Read Part II and III.]Personally, you may not be wrong about all three or any of these things, but collectively, these are some of the most widely held misconceptions about the live entertainment business, and it’s time to set the record straight.Below, I’ll dismiss one of these vicious misconceptions and give you the real story, so as to help you avoid tragic perdition...

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Think (A Bit) Outside the Industry: Disney’s New Hotel Raises the Bar on Immersive Entertainment

So, technically Disney would fall into the live entertainment realm (and so this isn't quite a "Think Outside the Industry"), but its new hotel is still worth talking about, given the way it's merging hospitality with immersive entertainment.Disney is no stranger to themed resorts and already pays meticulous attention to detail to create immersive experiences, but its new Star Wars hotel is on a whole other level.As PSFK reports, "Each guest will be given their very own storyline to...

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The Top Broadway Shows, As Sorted By Revenue Per Seat — Week Ending July 30

Here are the top Broadway shows last week, ranked by Revenue Per Seat – the one and only metric marketers should use to determine the success of their efforts. Why? Average Ticket Price doesn’t tell the whole story when empty seats are NOT factored into the equation.To determine RPS, we divided the grosses by venue capacities. Highlighting RPS demonstrates a different and more interesting story about which shows can bring in value per seat versus simply being big, because...

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