Does Your Arts Organization Really Know Its Patrons?

A recent Story of Telling post asks, "When did you last spend time watching what your customers do?" Its point is that people's actions can speak louder than words.The post explains: "We tend to think of our customers as intentional, rational human beings -- which is why we spend a lot of our time marketing to their heads. We make and market better products and services by working harder to get a glimpse of their hearts."Jim expresses a similar...

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#TBT: Dr. No and the Courageous Deletions

Happy #TBT! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Dr. No and the Courageous Deletions.If I start a funky New Orleans-style jazz combo, that will be its name.But until then, it’s a management philosophy that I’ve recently rediscovered, and my experience leads me to think others could use Dr. No’s sage advice.Years ago, the first time I ever had a VP of Marketing job, I took over from a seasoned but very traditional consumer products marketing guy, who had been running...

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