2 Ways You Should Be Using Instagram to Connect With Millennials

Millennials love Instagram, millennials also love attending live entertainment, so why not use their favorite social media platform to tell them about your show?

Of course, it’s not as simple as creating an account and filling it with show imagery. Entrepreneur contributor Juliet Carnoy shared four ways to connect with millennials on Instagram. She focused on travel brands specifically, but we think the two lessons below work equally well for live entertainment:

1. Create “Instagrammable” moments.

“Instagram is a platform where authenticity rules and regular people’s photos have a lot more credibility than professionally-staged branded content. So while travel brands should certainly be posting photos and dedicating ample resources to their efforts, getting visitors to post pictures of relevant destinations and experiences is considerably more effective due to word-of-mouth amplification.”

Perhaps you can add an “instagrammable” element to your theater’s lobby or offer a meet-and-greet with cast members to create fun photo ops. If you need some inspiration, head over to Instagram to see what other brands are doing.

2. Listen to your guests.

“Show visitors you’re listening by liking and commenting on the photos of guests who post pictures of their experience with you. These small actions will go a long way toward fostering loyalty toward your brand. You can also take it a step further and offer coupons or credit to guests who tag your brand in their posts. When customers see a brand genuinely listening to their customers and engaging with real people, it helps to humanize and validate the brand’s online presence.”

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